Brianna Gaither believes in the theology of creativity, the understanding that as a Christian, she is a believer in a creative God who nurtures artists. And as the acclaimed singer-songwriter releases Vanity, the long-awaited follow-up to her 2011 debut album Love Is Patient, she believes that her message of community, faith and creativity will Resonate.

Resonate, a campaign Gaither started in September 2016, to empower artists through cooperation and shared belief, is as she describes, “an initiative pursuing relationship with God as a Creator in order to develop excellence in our mirroring creativity, that the beauty of God would revive the heart of man.” Gaither also initiated Resonate as a road map for musicians and creative people to build communities of artistry and faith in her hometown of Oklahoma City.

“I want to invest in my city and I want to bring people together and that’s where Resonate formed,” Gaither said. “Resonate is a community that supports and encourages artists of faith. If you are of the Christian faith, then you believe in a creative God, and the art that you create is the result of that theology of creativity and builds on that belief and faith.”

To test her hypothesis and challenge her notions of how an album should be made, Gaither set her Resonate campaign into motion with Vanity. She established a set of parameters, working with 10 producers in 10 months on 10 separate songs. The results dramatically expanded Gaither’s musical vocabulary and built lasting relationships with the 10 Oklahoma City area producers who lent their distinctive sounds to Vanity.

“It takes so much energy to create an album that you have to want to make that album more than you want to breathe,” Gaither said. “I believe that through increased mentorship and a cooperation, we can all learn to breathe life and love and faith into our art together.”

Check out her website at http://www.briannagaither.com/