26- MAKING IT ALL UP! LIVE AT NOIR BISTRO (feat. Toni Marlo of Marlohaus)

In our second live show ever, special effects makeup artist Toni Marlo shows us the ropes of making people pretty or terrifying in Oklahoma film. Ever watch those old horror movies and wonder how they made that gaping wound look so real? Unless that was a war documentary, there was somebody working behind the scenes with a ton of paints, plasters, and patience. 

Toni has over 10 years experience in the film industry and is a first contact in Oklahoma's local film community.  She is a member of IATSE 484, is published in IMDB, and has worked with many award winning actors. Toni has worked on everything from Children of the Corn to August: Osage County. 

Check out her imdb page here, or visit her website at: