25- OKIE SHOW SHOW LIVE SHOW (feat. Electric Nostalgia)

In our first live show EVER, Kelly and Brian are joined by the creators of Electric Nostalgia, which incidentally also won Deadcenter Film Festival's Best Oklahoma Feature Film award! Jacob Burns (writer/director), Vinnie Hogan (producer/1ad), Zach Burns (producer/marketing), Clint Kubat (Lazarus), Stephen Goodman (Leland Helms), Cait Brasel (Alexis), and Page Tudyk (Rachel) share some on set stories and even reveal some deleted scene moments with the audience. Plus an audience member gets romanced, a podcast crossover crashes the stage, and eventually shirts come off. Needless to say, you should probably make it out to the next live show. 

Check out more about the film at www.electricnostalgiafilm.com