14- Location, Location, Locations Department (feat. SP Eaton, Ty Dickson, & Casey Crowdis)

Every movie shoot needs a set, and every set comes along with a location. Location scouts and managers are some of the most unsung heroes of every single movie ever made. Who do you talk to about using a Guthrie hotel? Where are you gonna find a barn you can burn down in the middle of the country with a lake to the east? Who is gonna show you where to poop?? Locations department conquers all of those challenges and more. 

SP Eaton, Ty Dickson, and Casey Crowdis are three of the finest location managers in the state. They have worked on nearly every film shot in Oklahoma for the past 10 years and counting. They sat down to talk about the many challenges of managing, the best kept secrets, and the lost art of lawn massages.