31- Making the EP Great Again (feat. Space4Lease)

Behold! The mighty recording process. Some have said that it costs a ton and takes forever. Others have said they can do it in their living room. Space4Lease is the new kid on the block in OKC. A four-piece psychedelic rock group formed out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has reluctantly introduced a new wave of musical seduction. With musical works inspired by lost love, the grace of the unknown, and inevitable life experiences, Space4Lease welcomes their audience wholly and newly surrendered. One could relate the songs of Space4Lease to bands such as Citizen Cope, and My Morning Jacket. Each song is comprised of a illustrated set of keys, luring guitar melodies, expressive bass lines, and a range of unforgettably eloquent drum patters. This psychedelic group could carry the likes of new age audiences who wished they experienced the 70's and still admire the grit and grime of the 90's.

The guys invited Brian and Kelly to the ACM@UCO podcasting room (yes, they have a podcasting room!) to talk all about their new EP, Hiraeth, and what all it took to get it done. 

Today's episode also opens with a scene from new original sketch, A Stiff Proposal. It's funny dammit.

To learn more about Space4Lease, check out their website:


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