The Okie Show Show makes its triumphant return on a brand new network with special guest Kerry Myers! Have you ever wondered how to quit that day job and start working as a freelancer? Have you ever wanted to be a band manager? Booking agent? Touring musician? Freelance filmmaker? Or maybe even a combination of all of the above just like Kerry? Take a listen as we break in the new studio at Mostly Harmless Media's Tower Studios, talk shop with Kerry, and even play a little dating game with guest co-host Neil Newby. 


Some of you may be thinking to yourselves, man that Ryan Hamilton special on Netflix is probably the best standup comedy I've seen in years. But for those of you that haven't been watching that special on repeat like I have, you might be wondering why there hasn't been any new Okie Show Show episodes since Deadcenter Film Festival this year. 

Well here's what's going down! 

Take a listen to this little minisode with Brian and Kelly filling you in on the latest happenings, plus a clip from our first upcoming episode back from the hiatus featuring Kerry Meyers of Indigo Fest! 

New Okie Show Show episodes will be hitting the airwaves Oct. 6! 

Also, check out the Electric Nostalgia blu-ray pre-order at:


40- RETURN TO DEADCENTER FILM FESTIVAL (feat. Judd Nelson of Breakfast Club, Charles Baker of Breaking Bad, and many more!)

Every year Deadcenter Film Festival rolls around, it's another first time. The films, the panels, the classes; it's truly one of the most unique experiences you can have as a young filmmaker. Join Brian and Kelly as they survive Deadcenter weekend (and for Kelly it's the first time!). Featuring talks with Judd Nelson (Breakfast Club), Charles Baker (Breaking Bad), David Bizarro (The Jim Henson Company), Neil Berkeley (Harmontown, Gilbert), Ryan Bellgardt (Army of Frankensteins, Gremlin, Jurassic Games), and many more! 

37- YOU LAUGH LIKE A GIRL! (feat. standup comics Melissa McGinnis & Julie Drake)

Women can't be funny! 

... really? I beg to differ. Two of my favorite people in the comedy world came and joined Kelly and I to talk about this very thing. Why do people think women can't be as funny as men? Why is standup such a boy's club (it is.)? Join us as we figure this all out. Then after, go check out Melissa and Julie at a live comedy set and watch them kill. 

 Melissa McGinnis

Melissa McGinnis

 Julie Drake

Julie Drake

36- Wrangling Memories of the Old Western Hollywood Era (feat. former Hollywood teamster Grandpa Hurley)

Hurley Hughes is my grandfather, and one of the primary inspirations into my pursuing a life in the film industry. He put me on a horse for the first time when I was maybe 6 years old and taught me how to saddle and ride. I grew up listening to his many stories of his time working in hollywood in the 1960s classic western era, and now he is sharing those stories with you. This is possibly the most special conversation I've ever had with him. 

Its a surreal experience to grow up listening to stories like these, and now being able to have stories of my own time on these many sets to share with him. There is something very special about that. That being said, my stories will probably never hold a candle to what he has to share. 

Hurley started his time at a young age just out of high school working horses on various sets. He eventually found himself working with the likes of Glenn Randall and his son Glenn Randall Jr. You may know the Jr. as the stunt coordinator for films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., Return of the Jedi, and the stunt double for freaking Boba Fett. Hurley was a wrangler on all sorts of classic western movies and TV shows such as Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Magnificent 7, and the list goes on and on. 

Hurley was a horse wrangler. He wasn't a director or an actor or any position that we all like to fall head over heels for. But it's important to remember that behind every famous director/actor/producer/so on is a team of highly skilled professionals that put blood, sweat, and tears into their work so that the bigger picture will shine. My grandpa was a small piece in Hollywood history. You won't find him on IMDB, because unfortunately alot of these folks don't get the credit that they deserve. But maybe we can change that. I hope you enjoy his stories and insight as much as I have over the years. 


35- Free Your Style In Video Production (Feat. Vahid Farzaneh)

They describe Freestyle as the intersection between strategy and creativity. Founded in 2007 by Vahid Farzaneh, Freestyle has strong roots in the Oklahoma film community. As they became more involved in promoting indie films, their marketing and creative capabilities allowed them to branch out into different industries and eventually led them to become a full-service advertising agency. Whether you’re looking for digital marketing, web development or film production, Freestyle’s high-energy and innovative team of professionals will assist you in creating a holistic marketing and creative strategy built to drive growth and deliver your message. They’re young, creative and not afraid to grab the bull by the horns. 



Brianna Gaither believes in the theology of creativity, the understanding that as a Christian, she is a believer in a creative God who nurtures artists. And as the acclaimed singer-songwriter releases Vanity, the long-awaited follow-up to her 2011 debut album Love Is Patient, she believes that her message of community, faith and creativity will Resonate.

Resonate, a campaign Gaither started in September 2016, to empower artists through cooperation and shared belief, is as she describes, “an initiative pursuing relationship with God as a Creator in order to develop excellence in our mirroring creativity, that the beauty of God would revive the heart of man.” Gaither also initiated Resonate as a road map for musicians and creative people to build communities of artistry and faith in her hometown of Oklahoma City.

“I want to invest in my city and I want to bring people together and that’s where Resonate formed,” Gaither said. “Resonate is a community that supports and encourages artists of faith. If you are of the Christian faith, then you believe in a creative God, and the art that you create is the result of that theology of creativity and builds on that belief and faith.”

To test her hypothesis and challenge her notions of how an album should be made, Gaither set her Resonate campaign into motion with Vanity. She established a set of parameters, working with 10 producers in 10 months on 10 separate songs. The results dramatically expanded Gaither’s musical vocabulary and built lasting relationships with the 10 Oklahoma City area producers who lent their distinctive sounds to Vanity.

“It takes so much energy to create an album that you have to want to make that album more than you want to breathe,” Gaither said. “I believe that through increased mentorship and a cooperation, we can all learn to breathe life and love and faith into our art together.”

Check out her website at http://www.briannagaither.com/

32- How To Doc Your Mentary (feat. Distict Up!)

Weeeeeeee're back! With a whole new year and a whole new episode. Kelly and Brian sit down with Dennis Spielman to talk his new documentary "District Up!", the many glories of Oklahoma, and a blind person gets some interesting descriptions.

31- Making the EP Great Again (feat. Space4Lease)

Behold! The mighty recording process. Some have said that it costs a ton and takes forever. Others have said they can do it in their living room. Space4Lease is the new kid on the block in OKC. A four-piece psychedelic rock group formed out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has reluctantly introduced a new wave of musical seduction. With musical works inspired by lost love, the grace of the unknown, and inevitable life experiences, Space4Lease welcomes their audience wholly and newly surrendered. One could relate the songs of Space4Lease to bands such as Citizen Cope, and My Morning Jacket. Each song is comprised of a illustrated set of keys, luring guitar melodies, expressive bass lines, and a range of unforgettably eloquent drum patters. This psychedelic group could carry the likes of new age audiences who wished they experienced the 70's and still admire the grit and grime of the 90's.

The guys invited Brian and Kelly to the ACM@UCO podcasting room (yes, they have a podcasting room!) to talk all about their new EP, Hiraeth, and what all it took to get it done. 

Today's episode also opens with a scene from new original sketch, A Stiff Proposal. It's funny dammit.

To learn more about Space4Lease, check out their website:


Or take a listen to some of their tunes:


Or stalk them because they're super cool:




 Jenava Burguiere and Jack O'Dell of Ginger House LLC

Jenava Burguiere and Jack O'Dell of Ginger House LLC

Jack Sparrow, Indiana Jones, Doc Holiday, they all have something in common. They all have iconic looks, and that is all thanks to a little group called the wardrobe department. Say hello to Jack and Jenava of Ginger House. 

Ginger House LLC is Oklahoma's only full service costume house for any production, large or small. They offer design, styling and personal shopping, as well as rentals of both clothing and wardrobe supplies, including racks, hangers, etc. In addition, they have experienced seamstresses for alterations and custom costume builds.

In today's episode, we crash frikkin' FRACK FEST at Noir Bistro to talk all things wardrobe department from building a character's look to oh my god this actress is on her period. Seriously. A table may have walked out. Our first time on this show. (yusssssssss...) 

To learn more about Ginger House, go HERE

To learn more about Frack Fest, go HERE!! 

29- James Nghiem and His Fairy Tales

What's that? There's a live storytelling comedy show happening every month? Indeed there is. In today's episode, comedian James Nghiem talks all about his show "Nghiem's Fairy Tales", doing standup in okc, and his time opening for Maria Bamford. 

Nghiem tackles the everyday and the almost-never with sharp wit. Filled with non sequitur logic, the seemingly random events that comprise his act portray the world in a very unique light. A staple of the Oklahoma comedy scene, Nghiem has produced showcases and open mics under the moniker Robot Saves City. In 2010 Nghiem turned Robot Saves City into a local digital-release comedy label in hopes of showcasing the state’s burgeoning comedic talent. Since it’s creation, Robot Saves City has worked directly with Pandora and Rooftop Comedy in an effort to reach new audiences. The Loony Bin Comedy Club named Nghiem “Funniest Comedian in OKC” in 2013. On a local level, he’s opened for Tig Notaro, Todd Barry and Maria Bamford.

To find out more about James, check out his comedy label at www.robotsavescity.com

28- FILM FAMILY MATTERS (feat. Jeremy & Shelly D'Apolito)

Want to make a living in film AND have a family and relationships? It could be a bit tougher than you think. In today's episode, freelance filmmakers and husband/wife duo Jeremy and Shelly D'Apolito pull back the veil to the obstacles that working in film can bring to your personal lives. How do you have a kid and be on set for 14 hour days/ 6 day weeks? How do you keep the fire going with that special someone? What happens when it's tummy time?? 

 Shelly D'Apolito is a hairstylist of over 10 years for the Oklahoma film industry. She has worked on everything from August: Osage County starring Meryl Streep and Benedict Cumberbatch to Thunderstruck starring Kevin Durant. 

Shelly D'Apolito is a hairstylist of over 10 years for the Oklahoma film industry. She has worked on everything from August: Osage County starring Meryl Streep and Benedict Cumberbatch to Thunderstruck starring Kevin Durant. 

 Jeremy D'Apolito is a key grip of over 10 years for the midwestern region of the US. He has been on everything from The Killer Inside Me starring Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba to The Scent of Rain and Lightning starring Maggie Grace. Together with Shelly they have an amazing marriage and a baby girl named Aliza. 

Jeremy D'Apolito is a key grip of over 10 years for the midwestern region of the US. He has been on everything from The Killer Inside Me starring Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba to The Scent of Rain and Lightning starring Maggie Grace. Together with Shelly they have an amazing marriage and a baby girl named Aliza. 

26- MAKING IT ALL UP! LIVE AT NOIR BISTRO (feat. Toni Marlo of Marlohaus)

In our second live show ever, special effects makeup artist Toni Marlo shows us the ropes of making people pretty or terrifying in Oklahoma film. Ever watch those old horror movies and wonder how they made that gaping wound look so real? Unless that was a war documentary, there was somebody working behind the scenes with a ton of paints, plasters, and patience. 

Toni has over 10 years experience in the film industry and is a first contact in Oklahoma's local film community.  She is a member of IATSE 484, is published in IMDB, and has worked with many award winning actors. Toni has worked on everything from Children of the Corn to August: Osage County. 

Check out her imdb page here, or visit her website at:


25- OKIE SHOW SHOW LIVE SHOW (feat. Electric Nostalgia)

In our first live show EVER, Kelly and Brian are joined by the creators of Electric Nostalgia, which incidentally also won Deadcenter Film Festival's Best Oklahoma Feature Film award! Jacob Burns (writer/director), Vinnie Hogan (producer/1ad), Zach Burns (producer/marketing), Clint Kubat (Lazarus), Stephen Goodman (Leland Helms), Cait Brasel (Alexis), and Page Tudyk (Rachel) share some on set stories and even reveal some deleted scene moments with the audience. Plus an audience member gets romanced, a podcast crossover crashes the stage, and eventually shirts come off. Needless to say, you should probably make it out to the next live show. 

Check out more about the film at www.electricnostalgiafilm.com